Travel Overview

Right in the heart of Europe, Brussels has superb air, road and rail connections. More than 60 million Europeans live within 300km of Brussels, less than two hours by high-speed train. For those who fly in, it takes only 20 minutes from the airport to the city centre. And when you have arrived, it's easy to move around the compact city, by public transport or on foot. Traffic in Brussels is famously heavy but with such a great public transpot network you don't miss travelling/sitting in traffic.

Brussels International Airport > city center

The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). Up to 4 trains an hour connects the airport to Brussels Central taking approximately 17 minutes.

Arrival in Brussels by Eurostar

The Eurostar is an easy and convenient way to reach Brussels. You can use the Eurostar from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne to reach various European destinations. If travelling by Eurostar to Brussels the train arrives at Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid station which is connected with the metro, tram and buses to take you to your destination.

The Eurostar benefits from a check in where you need only arrive 30 minutes before your departure time, this then helps towards stress free start to your journey.

For further information on travelling by Eurostar please Click Here


Public Transportation

The best way to get around Brussels is to use the city's public transport network. The network comprises of metro lines, tram lines and bus routes, to take you comfortably and reliably across Brussels, which can be quicker than using taxis or driving due to the heavy traffic.

The “Métro de Bruxelles” opens during the weekdays at 5:30 am and closes at midnight. On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, the metro runs from 6 am – 12 pm. Some lines like 3 and 4 run from 5 am onward.


Price of a one-way journey ticket

A one-way ticket in Brussels is valid for an hour once you have validated it in a metro, bus or tram machine. During that time, you can change lines or means of transport.

One-way ticket: €2.10 (2.50 when you buy it on a bus or tram)

Return ticket: €4.20 (you have to use the return ticket in the following twenty-four hours)

Five-journey ticket: €8

Ten-journey ticket: €14

Remember to always validate your ticket otherwise, you could get fined.

Travel cards

If you are staying in Brussels for a few days, you might prefer to buy a travel card that is valid for one or several days. These travel cards are valid for a day not 24-hours like other cities. This means that if you validate a ticket in the afternoon, it will expire at midnight that same day.

One-day travel card: €7.50

Where to purchase the transport ticket?

All transport tickets and travel cards can be bought in any metro station or in the city’s newsstand.

You can buy a one-way journey ticket from any bus or tram driver if you catch the tram or bus without having a ticket, but these have a small supplement.


Taxis in Brussels are most likely the most expensive in Europe. Even though the minimum fare isn’t as high as taxis in Florence, the price per kilometre makes any journey a lot more expensive.

The taxis in Belgium’s capital are not as distinctive as other taxis in other parts of the world. They are normally black Mercedes but can be any other colour and car brand. To tell them apart from other cars, they have a sign on the roof that indicates if they are free or not.


Minimum fare: €2.40

Price per kilometre: €1.80/€2.70 (depending on speed and destination)

Price of an hour’s wait: €25.

Additional charge from 6 am – 10 pm: €2.

Keep in mind that if you’re staying in the outskirts (not in the 19 communes), the taxi will automatically charge you €2.70 per kilometre. If the taxi travels less than 20 km/per hour you will also be charged an extra charge.

You will not have to pay a surcharge for your baggage if you take a taxi to or from the airport and taxi drivers don’t expect to be tipped, although rounding to the nearest euro is normal.

Companies and telephone numbers

Taxi Verts: 02 349 49 49.

Taxis Bleus: 02 268 00 00.

Autolux: 02 411 41 42.

Unless your taxi is pre-booked, only taxis bearing the official Brussels taxi sign are licensed to take you.

Directions Using Public Transport

Airport > City Centre

Getting to or leaving Brussels International Airport:

Airport Train

The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). Up to 4 trains an hour connects the airport to Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi station. Moreover, there are direct train services to the East, South, West and North of Belgium.

Approximate travel time to Brussels Central (city centre) is 17 minutes.

Buses (Brussels Airport Lines):

The Airport Line is a 30-minute express service between Brussels Airport and the European quarter, at a stone's throw from the uptown shops, buses depart from the airport from platform C.


Taxis with a taximeter are permanently available in front of the arrivals hall. The fare from the airport to the city centre of Brussels can vary depending on the traffic around €40-60.

City Centre > Brussels Expo

BRUSSELS EXPO is easily reached from any part of the city. Buses, trams and metro lines all have stops close to Brussels Expo:

Public Transport (Metro, Buses & Trams):

The tram stop for trams 7 and 51 is “Heysel” this is the closest stop to access the Brussels EXPO. Buses 84 and 88 also stop at "Heysel".

To reach Brussels EXPO by metro you can take line 6 or 7 to “Heysel” station, this is the closest metro station for access to Brussels Expo.

BRUSSELS EXPO is easily reached from any part of the city. Buses, trams and metro lines all have stops close by.


Brussels EXPO is easily reached by car thanks to the extremely dense road network in Belgium. Brussels Expo is situated near the Brussels Ring (R0).

Travelling by car in Brussels is not advised as there is a high volume of traffic.

For more information and directions for driving to Brussels Expo please Click Here

The Car park for EFTTEX at Brussels EXPO is Car Park C which has 10,000 parking spaces.


From the city centre a taxi can bring you in approximately 20 minutes to the Brussels Expo depending on traffic. The cost of the ride starts at approximately € 17.00 and go up to €50 in high peak or traffic.