Brussels Information


Population:  1.1 million

Country:  Belgium

Time Zone:  The time is GMT +1 in winter GMT + 2 in summer (Greenwich Meantime)

Climate: Brussels weather includes a fair balance of rain and sunshine, with June temperatures averaging between 11-20 degrees C.

Country Calling Code:  +32

Languages: There are three officially recognised languages: French and Dutch are the main languages; German is spoken by a small segment of the population and English is widely spoken.

Currency:   Euro

Electricity:   A.C. 220 volts - 50 cycles.

Electric Plug Details:   European round two-pin




A destination that's easy to reach this cosmopolitan city loves good food, lives life its way and expresses itself in a style very much its own: sometimes rebellious and mischievous, sometimes thoughtful and composed, but always very likeable.

Despite its European dimension and all the different languages spoken on the corner of every street, Brussels is still inspired by a very "village-like" spirit. Somehow, Belgium has maintained a low-key approach to all of this international sophistication. It is a country for connoisseurs, but connoisseurs who do not take themselves too seriously.


Food & Drink

Brussels offers some of the most tempting (and dangerous to the waistline) food and drink. Wake up with waffles, devour a cone of frites and mayonnaise at street shacks, get your sugar rush on some of the world's best chocolate and pile your plate high with fresh moules (mussels). Please find below a guide to prices you can expect to pay for dining in Brussels.

Sandwich: around €3 - €5.

Regular coffee: €2.50.

Full meal (starter, main dish, dessert, not including drinks): between €20 and €30 depending on the area.

1 beer 0.33l: €3.50



The currency in Brussels is the euro €.  You may exchange your money for the Euro at most Brussels banks or at specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus. Alternatively currency can be withdrawn from the many ATMs throughout the city.  Most banks have ATMS outside offering international services.  The main international credit cards are also accepted by most shops, restaurants and hotels.  



Service charges and VAT are always included in prices. If exceptional service is given, tip at your discretion.


Emergency telephone number

Emergency Services 100 - 101 - 103 - 107 - 110 - 112 are free.

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